Tuesday, October 18, 2011

$250 monthly groceries + others expenses for two adult

How do you spent $250 monthly on groceries and other supplies??
It's actually pretty simple but you need to invest couple hours from your busy lives to write down biweekly menus. Cook more delicious food and cut down on eating out. Here's how we do it in our house. We decided to do our shopping biweekly because it gives us less temptation to buy things. My husband told me that I just love buying things even if it is unnecessary. Most of the time I buy things because I started to image things that I'd cook or use them, but at the end I ended up storing them. And few months later, I found them and saw that they have expired...oh boy... :( This is dangerous for your pocket!!!
So anyways, started from the beginning of September 2011 I sat down with my husband and we brainstormed all dishes we liked. By doing this you can simply choose dishes that share same ingredients and food you love too. This is my 1 week example:
**Recipes & pictures will be posted soon** check it out at "Food & Life" blogg
Week 1:
Lunch - Tuna Melt Sandwich
Dinner - Chicken Mustard
Lunch - Chicken Mustard (left over from yesterday's dinner) & Salad w/ homemade honey mustard dressing
Dinner - Pork with Bacon
Lunch - Pork with Bacon
Dinner - Peruvian beef stir fry (Lomo Saltado)
Lunch - Peruvian beef stir fry
Dinner - Chicken microwave with Ensalada Rusa
Lunch - Chicken microwave with Ensalada Rusa
Dinner - Fried stake w/ french fries & Egg & Salad
Lunch - Fettuccine Alfredo with ham
Dinner - Chicken sandwich
Lunch - Fried Korean wings serve w/ rice or potato
Dinner - The same dish but serve with either or again.

We love drumsticks, so we buy 14 pieces at the commissary for $3.95. If you're not in the military then you can find really cheap chicken at the Asian supermarket such as H-Mart. They are like $.75/lb I normally cook for 4 pieces for each meal. So we'll eat 2 pieces for dinner and the left over we eat for lunch. I also buy ice berg lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato and mushroom. to make my own salad. I also make my own dressing. Additionally, I think it's really good idea to invest on break maker machine and bread flours, if your family love eating bread.
These foods are really fantastic so you won't even think about going out to eat. trust me! They are so easy to make and quick. The most important to cook a delicious meal so you and your family will enjoy it.

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